• Five information-packed days with four accomplished instructors of etiquette, social dance, marketing, and public relations: Debra Lassiter, April McLean, Cindy Haygood and Robert Hickey. All are passionate about working with people to foster a more civil world—and experienced in helping you learn how to make it happen in your community.
  • Programs for children from elementary school through college: You will leave with programs for children, teens and young adults. Even if you have an interest in only one age group when you begin, you will have materials and lesson plans ready if you decide to expand your business.
  • Training facility and field trips: The training facility provides the perfect environment to bring in groups of as many as 20 young people for demonstration classes. Field trips allow you to see classes in action at public and privates schools. A mobile classroom transports you to local college campuses, elementary, and middle school campuses as well as the world-renowned Ron Clark Academy.
  • Not just dance, not just etiquette: You will leave with a variety of proven programs that teach contemporary etiquette, leadership and social skills. You will be able to offer exactly what your community wants now, and vary your programs as your business matures. We include dance in many of our teaching segments because it is an effective proven and fun component that make the student love the classes. Visit
  • Universally accepted program material: ELI programs adapt to your community because of their regionless, streamlined, and easy-to-learn content. The programs are proven to work well with students from different socio-economic backgrounds, those with special needs, and from urban, suburban and rural communities.
  • Valuable insight into building a children’s etiquette business: Workshops with our experts will guide you through the process of implementing training materials, marketing strategy, public relations and the business plan that will make your business succeed.
  • Ongoing support and privileged advice at no cost to you: ELI graduates enjoy access to our expertise free of charge indefinitely. We are committed to your success.
  • Certification from ELI and documentation grants you permission to reprint the schools’ copyrighted workbooks and support materials.
  • Prompt notification of newly developed materials and updates to existing materials for all ELI graduates.
  • ELI trainees interact with community notables, elementary, middle, high school and college students each of the five days of training.
  • For training on executive etiquette and protocol, attend our educational ally: The Protocol School of Washington. Graduates of ELI receive a courtesy discount at PSOW trainings as do PSOW graduates attending ELI training.

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