Social Dance Programs

Social Dance is the fun and action-based delivery system for teaching good social skills. Young people love music – most love to dance and all can learn to dance. Parents love that the social dance curriculum also provides immediate application of handshaking, remembering names, conversation skills and more. The range of featured dances includes:

  • Fox Trot
  • Waltz
  • The Swing
  • The Twist
  • Line Dances

Each dance program is interactive and teaches courtesy and respect through role-playing exercise and repetition.

Visit Perfectly Polished, the program the owners of ELI operate with more than 700 students currently enrolled. Training with the ELI gives you complete access to a successful program so that you, too, can teach in your community. We share all our plans, concepts and lesson plans with trainees.

2010 Perfectly Polished Spring Formal
The Perfectly Polished Spring Formal is the culmination of the Perfectly Polished year. The video highlights the concept of manners, confidence and leadership.

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