Our manuals are concise, user-friendly and based on over 35 years of experience working with young people. Training is more that a week. It is an association with the Etiquette & Leadership Institute for support. We provide mentoring and privileged advice indefinitely.

You will receive:

  • Twelve comprehensive training manuals to use during the training, and afterwards as valuable guides, include are step-by-step instructions to teach nine programs.
  • Sample flyers and marketing materials to help you publicize your programs
  • Reproducible workbooks, place mats, and in-class handouts designed for you to personalize and reprint
  • Registration forms ready for you to personalize and use
  • Take-home progress reports for parents to review after each class (covers ages 8-12 and 13-17)
  • For your etiquette and dining program geared to collegians as they prepare to enter the workplace: two reproducible workbooks designed for you to personalize and reprint, plus two CD-ROMs to use with your presentations (ages 18 - 24)
  • A business operations manual designed to support your business from preliminary planning to implementing to evaluating your success

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