"Mrs. Lassiter, I am not sure if Addie Rose has mentioned it, but she had to present her 4-H project last week. We reviewed some of the things she is learning with you before her presentation. After she presented the 4-H teacher commented on how well she spoke & made eye contact with her audience. She told her she was learning it in Perfectly Polished. Thank you!!!! It is helping in so many areas. Keep up your great work we really appreciate it. Sincerely, Toni McNeal"

- Toni McNeal
Mom of 5th grade Perfectly Polished student

"Thanks for the updates, Debra! I love to hear what I need to be "testing" them on at home! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it that you are talking body language and tone....I have been preaching hard to mine lately that "it's not what you say, but HOW you say it!" Any chance you could incorporate rolled eyes and quick and huffy turns into your body language curriculum? HA!!! (But I am serious!!!!!) XO- Margaret "

- Margaret Ligon
Mother of three teenage Perfectly Polished students

"Thought you would love to hear this "perfectly polished" story...Brent's teacher said that Brent walked up to a new student, held out his hand, and said "I'm Brent Chandler and I was born in New York City!" We think there is nothing better than the testimonial of a parent or grandparent!"

- Nell Chambers
Retired educator, parent and grandparent

"Jill writes - "I will most certainly be contacting you with questions. You have already helped me so much by providing a comprehensive training program, it is very comforting to know that I can turn to you, Cindy, and April for assistance down the road. Thank you!""

- Jill Pfeiffer, ELI - June 2013
Jill Pfeiffer Etiquette School

"John was a returning consultant. His first day evaluation included these comments.....I liked...."the energy." If I were presenting this part of the training, I would...."try to replicate your energy." Three things I learned that I didn't know before are..."7 rules of accessorizing." Now that I have completed this part of the training, I feel: "like coming back tomorrow." Comments - suggestions? "The real life stories are most helpful.""

- John Robertson, PSOW 1999, ELI, June 2013

"I just wanted to let you know today went very well. I was a bundle of nerves but managed to stay composed. After the first few minutes I was fairly comfortable. There were so many questions and all the participants seemed to enjoy it. I gave them all an evaluation and they said I was a wealth of knowledge and they all agreed they had more confidence having the training. Fifteen senior police officers! I am proud as punch (whatever that means!) I had parts of you all with me all the way and I kept imagining Robert at the back of the room all calm and collected. They invited me back to do another session. So, thank you for all your help. I used the quote and nobody guessed who it was. Would love to come to Georgia and give you a presentation on how we new consultants process all the training and make it work for us. It's an amazing journey getting your name out there and then you get a job and you panic, then you have to get over that part. So happy I trained with the best! "

- Jan Cottle, ELI June 2010
Etiquette London

"The Etiquette and Leadership Institute is a great experience in learning! The information is invaluable, the way you learn, memorable! the people you meet, enjoyable, but the instructors - incredible! It's a wonderful way to start a business,learn how to help others in the community, or just meet new people. ELI !! will have you flying high!"

- April Ripley, ELI April 2009

"The Etiquette & Leadership Institute owners personalities and professional knowledge if beyond words, the atmosphere during training is hard to describe, excellence is the hallmark of every thing that happens during that week, even the water bottles for each consultant when we travel to the schools. Everything they do is relevant example of what good manners is all about."

- Lynn Jacobs, Portsmouth, NH ELI November 2009

"From the moment I arrived in Georgia, I was completely welcomed by the staff even though we had not even formally met…that is how much hospitality and civility mean to them. The training was completely hands on…especially during our dance instruction and visits to the schools where April, Debra and Cindy teach. Upon returning home, I have continued to ask for assistance. I always get the answers and much more; I get an encouraging, inspiring word, too!"

- Jan Walker, Springdale, Arkansas ELI April 2010

"Once I decided to pursue my interests in etiquette, I was drawn to the excellence of reputation and the hospitality I received from April, Debra and Cindy. From the moment I made the first phone call, I have continued to experience their “call” to leadership and success. It felt right. There was no doubt that I would receive the necessary information and tools in order to be successful and it started with the training week."

- Vilcia Rodriguez San Jose, California, ELI June 2010

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