Why choose the Etiquette & Leadership Institute?

According to a 2010 Weber Shandwick Powell Tate poll, 94% of Americans consider the general tone and civility in the United States to be a problem, with 65% believing it is a “major” problem. The Etiquette and Leadership Institute offers the tools to shape the future of young people and thereby influence society.

Since 1985 the owners of the Etiquette and Leadership Institute have directed a successful children’s etiquette school with over seven hundred currently enrolled students. When you register for a professional learning program with the Etiquette and Leadership Institute, we offer you complete access to our proven teaching resources. Upon graduation from our comprehensive preparation program, you will have been exposed to all aspects of the expertise necessary to create and manage an etiquette school.

Because Research shows that:

  • Only 9% of adults were able to say that the children they saw in public were 'respectful towards adults.' (Public Agenda Survey, 2002)
  • Nearly 70% of Americans say they believe that people are ruder now than they were 20 or 30 years ago, and that children are among the worst offenders. (Associated Press-Ipsos Poll, 2004)
  • In 2004, more than one in three teachers told Public Agenda that they had seriously considered leaving their profession or knew a colleague who had left because of 'intolerable' student behavior. (Public Agenda)
  • These days, "so much importance is placed on how to help one's children to get ahead" manners are often set aside in the name of competition and success. This trend, however, has made us realize that no matter how qualified you are, "beastly behavior can undercut everything." (The New York Times, 2006)
  • Having good manners boosts social skills, self-image and self-esteem. (Seventeen magazine)
  • Proper etiquette is essential for your career. (CFO.com)

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