Why Train to be an Etiquette Consultant?

Now is the time
It is never too late to reach your personal and professional development goals while leaving a legacy in your community.

The Etiquette & Leadership Institute Trained and certified consultants use our programs with proven effectiveness in all fifty states and in seventeen foreign countries. Based on universally accepted etiquette, free of provincial idiosyncrasies and regional variations, our program is current, relevant and upholds the universal tradition of good manners. The agenda, originally developed in Washington, D. C. is comprised of streamlined easy-to-learn content. Our curriculum works equally well in formal and casual environments, and in urban, suburban and rural communities. The curriculum is flexible and effective whether you teach in your home, local school, recreation centers, or office. As a matter of fact, the applications for using our curriculum in your community are endless!

Be Completely Prepared
The Etiquette and Leadership Institute prepares you to transform the lives of young people through etiquette, dance, and leadership training. For more than twenty-five years, Debra Lassiter, Cindy Haygood and April McLean have directed the growth and success of an etiquette and social dance program for young people between the ages of ten and twenty-four. Their etiquette school, Perfectly Polished, Inc., is recognized as northeast Georgia’s premier institution for instruction in manners, leadership and social dance. In September 2005, Debra, Cindy and April acquired the Children’s Training Division of the Protocol School of Washington and established the Etiquette and Leadership Institute.

Our Commitment to Excellence
The Etiquette and Leadership Institute is today’s most exciting and comprehensive train-the-trainer program for etiquette instructors. The dynamic curriculum reflects the current growing emphasis on social and emotional learning, self-confidence, and character in today’s youth as they become the global leaders of tomorrow.

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